The future of video streaming: Alliance for Open Media

It's September!, and from my previous posts, two things happened recently: This month Google will disable Silverlight in chrome definitely, and Microsoft has discontinued ActiveX Plugins in the new Edge browser integrated in Windows10. Microsoft will mainly use DASH, MSE, EME and CENC natively to deal with premium media and DRM's, as many others are doing, also … Continue reading The future of video streaming: Alliance for Open Media


My thoughts about VR

VR is arriving, and I'm still wondering if people will get used to this devices. I have been personally working in some VR projects, and I believe there is a huge potencial for this technology, but In terms of hardware I still think they need to be smaller and confortable for normal users, so I … Continue reading My thoughts about VR

The announced death of Flash

It's five years already since Steve Jobs published this blog post about Flash (http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/). It was the beginning of the end of Flash Kingdom. In May of this year, Netflix, one of the last big supporters of Silverlight for video streaming, decided to stop using it, due Microsoft announced to stop support for Silverlight on … Continue reading The announced death of Flash

How to lead people in different countries

I have had the chances to work in very different cities such as Santiago, Madrid and HongKong. In software development we have working methodologies that can apply to different kind of processes, such as Kanban and Scrum and of course, we have amazing flexible tools like Jira that allows us to implement standardised working flows … Continue reading How to lead people in different countries