The future of video streaming: Alliance for Open Media


It’s September!, and from my previous posts, two things happened recently:

This month Google will disable Silverlight in chrome definitely, and Microsoft has discontinued ActiveX Plugins in the new Edge browser integrated in Windows10.

Microsoft will mainly use DASH, MSE, EME and CENC natively to deal with premium media and DRM’s, as many others are doing, also this trend can be seen in other companies as well using MSE and EME to deal with premium media and DRM’s (like Samsung with Tizen); where  I think the industry will converge to a standard world free of plugins at the end.

For that reason, Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Netflix, Cisco, Amazon and Intel have just announced yesterday the Alliance for Open Media to crete a free (royalty-free) video format, inviting others to join the Alliance.

The initial project will pursue a new, open royalty-free video codec specification and open-source implementation based on the contributions of members, along with binding specifications for media format, content encryption and adaptive streaming, thereby creating opportunities for next-generation media experiences.”

Alliance for Open Media was just officially announced yesterday, and the first thing we can see from this Alliance is Microsoft Edge adopting Google WebM as an allowed web video format for Microsoft Edge.
Personally I believe that WebM will be the format that Alliance for Open Media will support, but couldn’t find information to validate this.

Microsoft Edge WebM is actually under development ( and the Google format allow a better integration on high resolution videos using VP9, which allow to reduce the bit rate to half without scarifying image quality, currently being the best way to transmit 4K video on internet, as seen on Youtube. 


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