My thoughts about VR

VR is arriving, and I’m still wondering if people will get used to this devices.

I have been personally working in some VR projects, and I believe there is a huge potencial for this technology, but In terms of hardware I still think they need to be smaller and confortable for normal users, so I still have my doubts on how the market will react.

vr2There is a huge expectation, and the truth is there is a lot of hardware companies and kickstarter projects prepared to jump into the market; and I believe the first wave of devices to the general public will come from Facebook Oculus.

So, ok! we are going to have VR devices in the general users hands during this year or the beginning of 2016.
But, what we will do with them? 

VRPersonally I believe there is a lack of applications and the applications we have seen so far are for gaming, and I’m expecting to see games like World Of Warcraft VR! Would be so cool! and I’m clearly expecting to see more games.

In video streaming, it could be amazing. Imagine VR devices to provide 3D VR content in airplanes. Well, a company has already done it.

But at the end, I still think the technology is too invasive for the user, and secondly, the experience is involving, but is too personal.

I have heard some thoughts from psychologists that express some concerns about the effects on using this devices, like “using this devices will enforce the people to escape from reality, and become less social”.

So, what can we do with this devices?

I think the biggest potencial on VR devices in in Social applications.

I’m still waiting to see more collaborative VR games, or Imagine a Skype VR, or a tool to share experiences with your friends, like watching a football game and been able to have a chat together, a virtual cinema + Google Hangouts.

Like, recently I came up with the idea to develop a virtual cinema where I can watch a movie simultaneously with my girlfriend without disturbing my neighbours with the TV at night (My place is ridiculously small in HongKong), and It has worked super good for me.

Anyway, I recommend this article that talks about social VR:
Virtual Reality killer app will be Social



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