The announced death of Flash


It’s five years already since Steve Jobs published this blog post about Flash ( It was the beginning of the end of Flash Kingdom.

In May of this year, Netflix, one of the last big supporters of Silverlight for video streaming, decided to stop using it, due Microsoft announced to stop support for Silverlight on 2021,
but last week,Silverlight decided to commit suicide before, when microsoft announced they wont include support for Silverlight in Edge; Also In September of this year, Google Chrome will join removing completely their support for Silverlight.

A few days ago, after the leaks from Hacking Team, a “beautiful bug” (as they say) in Flash Player was revealed, exposing how easy is to hack a target machine using Flash through a website.

After this event, a lot of things are happening around Flash;:

Facebook new Chef security officer, Alex Stamos is encouraging Adobe to announce Flash End of Life date.

Yesterday, Mozilla announced that Flash will be blocked indefinitely from Firefox, until they release an stable and secure version of Flash Player; but they hope this measure to be permanent, backing up the movement to spread the voice among the users to stop using this technology (

At the end I think Flash will still be around, specially for the online marketing industry, but for video streaming; I think the industry is moving faster to adopt HTML5 technologies and standards as DASH


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